Chris Lamb has spent most of his life making stuff up. Growing up, he invented backyard games with his brothers and cousins, wrote short stories and poems, made comics and 'zines, created website after embarrassing website, and generally dabbled in anything resembling a creative outlet. He also played a lot of games, from pretty much anything Nintendo put out to Magic: The Gathering and everything in between.

In 2005, he discovered (read: "stumbled ass-backwards into") game design.  After years spent focused on becoming a professional writer (read: "working in coffee shops and bars") but never finding it as satisfying as the thing you're going to spend your life doing should be, making games was a revelation. He decided to make a career out of it.

Since then, Chris has designed games big and small for the web, PC, Nintendo DS, Facebook, and most recently, mobile devices. He currently lives in Oakland, CA with his cat Ripley, more books and games than is sensible, and several neglected house plants.

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